A Look At Ohmie’s First Year In Business: How a brand built on balance and wellness changes how we practice yoga

Jade Francis is a yoga teacher and the founder of Ohmie, a mobile yoga studio that works to bring the practice to students, in an attempt to also deliver connection, well-being, possibility and community. Ohmie launched in 2017 and Jade hopes the future of her brand will lead her to host yoga classes for marginalized communities.

Jade also believes that yoga is for every body and everybody, while understanding that signing up for a membership can be expensive. Ohmie is all about accessibility, diversity and balancing the good and the bad to find peace and acceptance. Through the brand, Jade practices authenticity and openness, encouraging her current and future students to do the same.

We connected with Jade to learn more about Ohmie’s first year in business. Read our interview below to learn how you can secure Jade and Ohmie for a mobile yoga class in a space near you and forever change the way you practice yoga.  

  1. You are a yoga teacher and entrepreneur whose goal is to deliver yoga and provide a safe space for wellness and meditation to those who need it most, through Ohmie. I love this! I love yoga but sometimes, I am intimidated by big classes, so I practice at home in the comfort of my living room (read: 400 sq ft condo, ha). Why is a safe space for yoga, wellness and meditation so important?

Safe spaces for yoga, wellness and meditation are important because they create a balanced environment that allows each of us to grow.

I am a strong believer in acknowledging the energy you bring to a space. My role as a yoga teacher is to remind those in my class of their power and their softness. I do this with my language and my energy. It’s important to create a safe space in a yoga class so that everyone feels like they have room to grow. The energy brought by the teacher and your peers within the space where you practice is important because this is what creates a safe space. I’ve experienced feeling intimidated in kickboxing, and spin classes the same way I’ve experienced feeling unsure in a yoga class. These feelings are very common whenever trying anything new or opening yourself up to possibility and growth. When I am in one of these intimidating situations, as soon as the teacher (or whoever is facilitating), lets me know they are holding space for my growth, vulnerability, power, sweat, tears, laughs, I immediately feel better.

  1. How long have you been doing yoga? What has your journey to teacher and business owner looked like?

I have been practicing yoga for seven years or so as a way to get in shape. My best friend and I went to our very first class together and immediately, we both fell in love. I’d never experienced anything like it. It was a heated class and afterwards, I felt amazing. Eventually, I started energy exchanging at studios, making the loveliest of friends and my passion and interest for yoga grew into something deeper than just wanting to get in shape. The next step was to become a yoga teacher. My intention was purely to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), so I could start doing what I love for a living. But, my teacher training experience was so much more than that. I did my training through Power Yoga Canada, and what I didn’t know when I enrolled is that this particular RYT program is super self-inquiry based (yes, I cried the very first day). It was a powerful program and I am so grateful for this training; it was one of the best experiences of my life. I needed it. Not just because I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I didn’t just gain the ability to teach a yoga class – this was merely a perk of the RYT program. The true gift of the training is that I gained the ability to reconnect with my authentic self.

After my training, I knew I had to share this powerful practice with others. Eventually, Ohmie was born. I believe the practice of yoga encourages those to find inner strength and self-empowerment. I am passionate for transformation and believe in guiding students to a deeper exploration of body, mind and spirit.

Jade Francis, Founder of Ohmie. Photo by: Camielle Stewart Photography.
  1. How many people make up the Ohmie team? Do you have any plans for continuous employee growth?

So far, just me! Eventually, I’d love to have a fleet of teachers, energy healers, mindfulness leaders and wellness coaches working with Ohmie to spread well-being, connection, community and love!

  1. Ohmie is a mobile yoga studio that provides classes to groups and businesses, aiming to make the workplace less stressful. What kind of tactics do you implement in your classes that you hope clients keep with them, for the long-run?

We believe in accessible wellness: Workplace yoga, private events or one on one. We work with the client and the unique offerings of each space to bring yoga and meditation directly to them. Our yoga and meditation classes offer people a chance to unwind during their day. Each of our classes reinvigorates the body, mind and soul. It includes breath work, deep stretching, mindful movement and meditation.

The biggest take home message to my clients: it’s okay to let go. Stop, listen to your body, breathe, stay, breathe some more, let go. We all have this innate tendency to be resistant to surrendering. To being soft. I hope through my yoga and meditation classes my clients can find it in themselves to give their bodies and minds the permission it needs to let go and relax.

  1. How do you get the message out there about Ohmie?

Connecting with people. And not just, “Hey, this is my brand are you interested?” – really connecting.  I want you to know the services I offer, but I also want to know about you. Your experiences, your struggles, your goals. Social media platforms, marketing, and networking are great for exposure; however, I like to think the real connections I make will spread Ohmie’s message.

Jade Francis, Founder of Ohmie. Photo by: Camielle Stewart Photography.
  1. What do you think the benefits are for brands that have a social media presence? Are there any drawbacks?

The benefits are huge. I’d like to use Ohmie’s social media presence to increase brand awareness, connect with my audience and future clients, share content, and to build community and relationships. Personally, I do not feel like there are any drawbacks. Be yourself, be authentic, do your thing and people will respect you.

  1. What has been the most rewarding part of this journey with Ohmie?

Connecting with my clients. Witnessing transformation. Being a part of something bigger than myself.

  1. What has been the toughest part?

Building an empire ain’t easy! I’m learning to trust the process.

  1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Outside of the services that Ohmie offers, I’d like to give back. My vision is to bring yoga, meditation and mindfulness to at risk populations and marginalized youth. I want to create a balanced community. This is  the inspiration behind Ohmie. I am aware that yoga and mindfulness based programs are not always accessible and/or affordable to everyone, especially to those who need it most. I hope to bring yoga and mindfulness based programs to those who need it most through the support of greater community funding and sponsorship. My goal is to make the connections required to fund these outreach programs that engage youth through the client base that Ohmie builds.

  1. An entrepreneurial journey is one with many highs and lows. What are some, maybe unconventional, ways you practice self-care to ensure your wellness is also at the forefront of what you do?

BALANCE. Knowing that yoga and mindfulness are amazing but also wine works too! My ultimate self-care night = some yoga (deep flow w/ candles), macaroni and cheese or super buttery popcorn, wine, Netflix and my lover by my side.  

Jade Francis, Founder of Ohmie. Photo by: Camielle Stewart Photography.
  1. What advice do you have for others looking to start their own business? To others looking to get into teaching yoga?

Do the work. Believe in yourself. You are entirely up to you. Anything is possible.

  1. What does the future of Ohmie look like?

Future Ohmie is happy and healthy. We are an established Yoga and Meditation Delivering Service that provides community outreach programs that support and engage youth through greater community funding and sponsorships.

  1. What is your favourite “yoga word” and what does it mean? Why?

I love Eka pada koundinyasana. It just rolls of the tongue so nicely. It’s a pose in yoga, I think it translates to flying split or one legged pose in English!  

To learn more about Ohmie, visit their Instagram and their website. Special thanks to Jade for taking some time to share her journey with us! We can’t wait to try a mobile yoga class in the future, and hope you will look into setting one up, too!


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