Shut Up, Nobody Cares!

Shut up, nobody cares!? Remember the last time you said that to one of your friends?

Anne Phitsanoukanh and Paula Reid are best friends who remind each other often to not sweat it and move on. Naturally, the basis of their up-and-coming podcast was formed around this idea. Anne and Paula are both media enthusiasts who have ventured into the millennial realm of podcasts to pursue their storytelling. These two share stories of their lives and everyday troubles, highlighting what it’s like to be young women trying to make it in the creative industry, while also juggling work, relationship drama, friends, family and much more.

As a listener, I found their podcast to be both relatable and comforting. I hear about people going through the same troubles I am, having a laugh over it and then giving advice – and the entire experience gives me hope for my own future goals, whether personal or professional.

If you are someone who identifies as a millennial and also someone trying to make it as a creative, you know that this type of work is not only tough, but it is even tougher being someone who identifies as a gender different than male and who wears skin colour different than white.

Anne and Paula strive to empower listeners to go after what they want, without sweating the small stuff and the hurdles society decides to plant in their way. “Shut Up, Nobody Cares,” is a reminder that this too shall pass.

We connected with Paula to talk about this honest, strong and creative partnership and what we can expect from their show. Read the full interview below:

  1. What are some of your favorite podcasts you might recommend someone to listen to, and why? 

“Girlboss Radio,” is really inspiring as Sophia Amoruso interviews interesting, successful women. “This American Life,” which is a very popular podcast, makes you think about life and certain topics in different ways. “The Read,” simply because it’s insanely entertaining. “Don’t Keep Your Day Job,” with Cathy Heller, because she encourages creative people to follow their dreams and tells you realistic ways to start. “2 Dope Queens,” because Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are two very empowering, hilarious women.


  1. Which podcasts did you gain inspiration for “Shut Up, Nobody Cares?”

“2 Dope Queens” is a huge inspiration podcast-wise, in combination with the actual live show “Pop Up Mag.” These two shows sparked our interest and made us start thinking about creating “Shut Up, Nobody Cares,” more seriously.


  1. Tell us the reason behind the name, “Shut Up, Nobody Cares?”

We were sitting in a Starbucks and we already had the name “High Show, Low Income” in mind, which basically means you act like you have money but you really don’t (which is something we all kind of do, mostly by accident). I don’t remember what we were talking about, but I think I was telling Paula an embarrassing story and she said “Shut up, nobody cares…” which in best friend language means, “Don’t sweat it, it’s not a big deal.” And I remember automatically saying “That’s it, that’s the name of our podcast!”


  1. What steps did you take to get your podcast off the ground?

We took a little longer than it probably should take to start the podcast, because we were planning the show and a lot went into that, in the beginning. I think an important step is just figuring out what you want your podcast to focus on – which I think from doing this I’ve learned, comes with time. But have an idea in mind, or at least an audience you hope to reach. Though, I’m a big fan of just going for it, learning your style and doings things your own way.

  1. Where do you see this podcast going in the future?

Weekly episodes!! I would love to have a consistent schedule that is smooth and we just find our groove. It sounds simple but it’s hard. We’d also love to make it to 100 episodes – that would be awesome. I just want to see “Shut Up, Nobody Cares,” grow in terms of content and storytelling, so we can look back at it and see that it’s not a baby anymore, but that it’s like a full grown child.


  1. Your first live podcast was at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, did the show go as planned and are you hoping for any more in the upcoming future?

I think it went well for a first show. I was very happy with it, that being said it obviously wasn’t perfect nor do I think we were both expecting it to be. But it was a really good start and I was happy that people enjoyed it. We for sure want to do more shows in 2018.


  1. Why do you think podcasts have become trendy and why did you choose this medium to express your creativity?

I chose this medium because I can’t do video or photography. I mean, I don’t mind dabbling in it, but I’ve never really become that obsessed with it. I started to become obsessed with podcasts, and I would get lost in them, as if I were reading an article or a book. I thought it would be amazing if this is something I could actually execute and allow other people to get lost in.


  1. How does your podcast differ from others you have listened to?

There are a lot of storytelling podcasts, I will say that much. I think ours is different from them because I haven’t yet found a podcast that provides a perspective like we do. I listen to a lot of women, but not a lot who are in our stage in life. I think it’s cool that we get to share our experiences through “Shut Up, Nobody Cares.”


  1. How did you go from best friends to co-hosts?

I hadn’t told anyone about my idea for doing a live show, except my sister, and when I told Anne I was scared to ask her because I didn’t want to put that burden on her. So I just explained it, and she was down right away, without me even having to ask. So it worked out really well, I don’t think I would do this with anyone else.


10. Any advice for anyone who is looking to start their own podcast/creative endeavour?

JUST START! Keep the whole talking about it stage to a minimum. You learn the most from making mistakes and doing.


We are proud to see two young women who are not only empowering others through the messages in their podcasts but also encouraging others to pursue their own creative feats. We are excited to see where this project takes Anne and Paula, and hopefully we will see some of you at their next live show!!

Keep up to date on their episodes by listening on Soundcloud or iTunes. Show your support and follow @thesuncshow on Instagram!



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