Lesley Rubinoff is en route to changing one million lives, no sugar coating

Lesley Rubinoff is a holistic nutritionist and motivational speaker in Montreal. She has built her brand and consulting company, No Sugar Coating, from scratch – almost like the perfect recipe.

No Sugar Coating strives to improve lives of people around the world – not just here in Canada. However, thanks to social networking and the ease at which we connect with individuals today, Lesley foresees no red flags when it comes to continuously expanding her reach, improving international health and wellness.

Lesley reached out to us with hopes of sharing her story – and we are honoured to have the opportunity to highlight her journey.

We asked Lesley about her plans to change and improve lives and in the process, she shared a few at-home, DIY tricks to make our lives healthier at little to no cost.

Quickly, we learned that Lesley prides herself on walking the talk and practicing what she preaches. Her brand is open, honest and completely transparent, which allows clients to know who she is and was. She has endured a 120lb weight loss, has lived with depression and shares her story to motivate others.

Get the scoop below:

  1. You’ve been a certified holistic nutritionist for six years and went to school in Toronto. What lead you into this field?

I believe this was truly an internal instinct, yet announcing to my parents at 27 that I wanted to go back to school didn’t positively stimulate them!

I had struggled with weight my entire life, I was moody and unhappy a lot of the time and by 2012, I had already begun my own weight loss journey and my interest in a healthy lifestyle was consuming me.

At the age of 12, I had voluntarily given up all animal flesh, Crest toothpaste scared me and I was super sensitive to artificial air fresheners. I had a desire and willingness to learn more about a natural lifestyle. To be honest, I had no real understanding of what “holistic” nutrition meant. Second to that, I had never excelled in science or math, but I believe purpose and passion align at the right times!

I completed the complex and challenging program at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with some of the highest marks ever awarded and as the Valedictorian!

  1. No Sugar Coating is a consulting agency that you’ve created to help people and clients focus on wellness and finding natural solutions to health problems. How many clients do you see on a monthly basis?

I am consulting every single day and with every human encounter that I have, I am offering advice. In the last year, I had a massive surge of 300 new clients! The Internet and technology [have allowed me to] remove all limits and reach people everywhere. I have clients in all corners of the world. I eat, breathe and live healing.

  1. Throughout the last six years, what practices have you found to be the most successful when aspiring to gain brand recognition and client retention?

Authenticity, honesty, trust, transparency and being genuine are what pull people in. The ability to demonstrate my knowledge and to engage others is the key to brand recognition and client retention. Testimonials from clients help others notice my brand, come forward and ask questions. I give my time, I give free advice, I even send free products to those who are on the fence. Having an online presence is key – it truly has the greatest reach.

  1. You are active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Which is your favourite platform to use and why?

I think sticking my toes in each of them has been beneficial. The Internet is so powerful; I would not say I prefer one social platform over another.

[However], I think Instagram brings organic reach in the sense that I truly do not know my followers and with the right targeting, it’s [always] possible to gain. Whereas my Facebook is 70 per cent strangers and 30 per cent people I personally know.

  1. Have you always wanted to start your own business? Where do you think this drive stems from? (A family member, a story you heard, an inspiring message, a drive to be your own boss?)  

I hated the idea of a cookie cutter 9-5 job, sitting at a desk and making someone else rich. I want to be known for something positive. I want to be a dynamic leader in the field of alternative healing. I have goals and dreams and nothing stands in my way. I quote myself when I say, “Love me or hate me, I’m still going to inspire the world with who I am.”

Photo courtesy of: Lesley Rubinoff.
Photo courtesy of: Lesley Rubinoff.
  1. I grew up in a very traditional, Italian family where food and drink were, and continue to be, a huge part of bonding, celebrating and creating memories. What’s your advice to someone like me to ensure I can enjoy time with my family, eating and drinking included, without overly restricting or facing the fear of guilt?

Every religion and background has traditions and they are all focused around food! As an Italian, everything is pasta, bread, meat and cheese! I come from a Jewish background where meat and potatoes and bread and pudding are the staples. There are substitutions to everything, without losing the flavour and the experience.

  1. I used to volunteer for a non-profit in Aurora, Ont. formerly called Eating Disorders of York Region, now Riverwalk Eating Disorders and Wellness Centre. We worked to provide support groups for people living with eating disorders, misconceptions of body image and food consumption and eating disorders not otherwise specified (EDNOS). Volunteering here was a wonderful experience for me – I learned so much about myself and the challenges so many of us face with food consumption. It’s always more than just the notion of eating to nourish ourselves, and that’s easy to forget. What advice do you have for family members and friends of someone who may be living with some type of disordered eating? How can they support this person without instilling fear or causing an anxiety attack or “relapse?”

The emotional and mental aspects to this is huge, and too often overlooked. I have worked one on one with many [people living with eating disorders]. There are massive common nutritional deficiencies that are present in these cases. Addressing these deficiencies is very important by proper supplementation and alternative therapies. I have made leaps and gains with many. Cooking therapy is something [I find to be) beneficial, as well as gut healing.

  1. You’re on a mission to change one million lives – that’s a huge challenge to take on, but a brilliant one, too. What is your plan of attack? How do you hope to make this happen?

One day at a time and one person at a time. To continue educating and empowering others to gain control of their lives and realize the potential to heal naturally.

  1. On your website, you share a lot of delicious recipes! Which recipe is your go to when you want something comforting and rich, but also relatively healthy?  

That is totally an unfair question! I LOVE FOOD!  I love a good hummus or a jam-packed salad. I love doing raw spiralized zucchini noodles with a creamy garlic cashew dressing or a killer basil pesto. The kitchen is another outlet for me to be creative and to explore.

  1. When did you start cooking and exploring with all-natural food and drink?

In second year university, I had a friend who came over and showed me how to make cabbage soup – and this is where it all started! I am self taught in the kitchen. Everyone I feed always asks me, “Who taught you?” I kind of just get into the kitchen and play – and it works out!  

I am vegan, but I love cooking for non-vegans, too. Most of the stuff I create in the kitchen I have never tasted! I have learned over the years how to turn nuts, seeds, beans, fresh herbs and vegetables into substitutions. For example, I make mock tuna using sunflower seeds, almonds, dill pickle juice, avocado, carrots, celery, green and red onion, fresh dill and some mustard! Toss it in a blender and there you have it!

  1. Do you have any simple at-home, DIY tricks that our readers may find useful in improving their overall wellness and health? 

There are millions of DIY hacks – from planting and growing your own herbs, sprouts and veggies to making your own home cleaners and body products. I make my own deodorant, for example, using essential oils, coconut oil and arrowroot powder. I make my own home cleaner and disinfectant with essential oils, vinegar and water. I even make my own laundry detergent, using baking soda, salt, hot water and essential oils.

“I am constantly in motion!” Those are the words Lesley said when we asked how many hours a day she spends working on her brand and building her business.

Gaining 300 clients in 2016 through the power of social networking and Internet access shows that Lesley is constantly moving, indeed. She’s making waves everywhere she posts. We wish No Sugar Coating all the best in 2017; thanks for sharing your story with our ever-growing community.

Now, if you have a business, brand or creative project that you’d like to talk about, send us a note! We’d love to hear from you. How do you define “success?”


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