Mental Health Awareness: Being mindful of the positive

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week, I decided to take a step back and look at the things that make me happy about life, instead of dwelling on the things that often make my life more difficult. It’s so easy to focus on what throws us for a loop and can take us from zero to 60 on the emotional roller coaster in minutes. There are many events in each of my days that I could let drive me up the wall, but now, stepping aside and looking at them, I see I can perceive them in a happier, more positive way.

I was inspired by a post over on Life With Dawna, a blog about focusing on the positives of life. The result of my inspiration? This very installment!

Dawna has been a great support throughout my Calgary journey. She has a heart of gold, an amazing sense of humour and she’s recently started regularly blogging.

So, what things don’t even bother me any more?

Not seeing my friends for a long period of time.

After graduation (whether secondary, post-secondary or graduate), we all get busy. Our lives no longer revolve around classes and instead we brace ourselves for starting our adult lives. We forget to answer texts and our phones die in the middle of a conversation, which we were too tired to be having anyways. Knowing that friends are around and that we’re always there for each other is enough for me, even if we’re not hanging on the reg.

Doing different things than my boyfriend when we’re together.

My boyfriend and I are both young adults who are in work forces we both enjoy. We work hard and that often means on weeknights we simply do not have time for each other, or any of our other interests. I don’t even mind if he’s playing World of Warcraft while I’m reading a book, his company and conversation is enough for me.

Skyping with my parents when I don’t have the time to.

Spoiler alert: You (should) always have time for family. Those 15-minutes I see my mom and dad mean the world to me, even if it means I come home early from a dinner with friends or the Skype chat is making me late. It’s always worth it!

Needing a nap.

I’m 23-years-old. I should be bouncing off the walls with energy, but when I’m go-go-go-going all week, sometimes my body just decides we need to take a break. I’m not missing out on a moment and nothing monumental is going to happen in the 90-minutes of shut eye I’m starving for. Plus, I’m going to come out of it feeling better.

Being the DD.


Most of the time, it’s fair to say my drinking days are past me. When my friend’s want to go out to a bar, I have no problem being the designated driver. Many places will give you free pop all night for being the DD, plus I like the peace of mind knowing that everyone is getting home safely (and the headache I might have in the morning won’t be from too many vodka crans, but from the loud music, which is a MUCH better alternative).

Getting few likes on an Instagram photo.

Deep down inside, we’re all posting those pictures to show how great our lives are and we want people to bask in that,too. #We #Write #Captions #In #Hashtags #Just #For #The #Likes, #People. #LIKEFORLIKE!

I’ve started looking at my Instagram as a scrapbook of my life. If there are too many selfies in a row, or things no one will understand, I don’t care. This social outlet is for me. It’s a way to express myself and it’s an extension of my skin.

On days that are difficult, when nothing seems to be going right, and things are irritating you to no end, take a few minutes and brainstorm the things within the events causing you extreme annoyance. Add that dash of happiness to your life!


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