Photo Friday: The Juice Truck promotes healthy cleansing

I got the chance to sit down with Meghan Parks, a sales and project manager at The Juice Truck in Vancouver, to discuss how the original cold-pressed juice company all started, their desire for supporting local produce and their stance on healthy eating. In the process, I took some photos of the shop and the delicious food they serve for this week’s Photo Friday.

Here’s what I learned:

Zach Berman and Ryan Slater are the owners of The Juice Truck, which was established in 2011. While on a journey through Nepal to the Everest base camp, they discussed business ideas. When living in New York, Berman considered starting a juicing business. After pitching the idea to Slater, the two spent a year together creating a business plan and eventually buying the truck, which would soon become “The Juice Truck.” The Truck became so successful that the duo decided to expand and launch a store in 2014.

I thought it was amazing that The Juice Truck was the first place to buy cold press juice in all of Canada. Many others did, too, hence the store’s success. Eventually, the team started their own line of juice cleanses, too.

The Juice Truck does not promote weight loss but emphasizes that the cleanses prepare a person’s body for a lifestyle change. The cleanses help kick bad habits and change a person’s state of mind and overall health.

Here’s how it works: With juice, upon consumption, a person’s body easily soaks up the nutrients. The Juice Truck’s cleanses are all designed by a nutritionist, ensuring cleansers get the calories and fat they need to function. The cleanses range from three to seven days in length and include different beverages alongside the juice – like nut milk – to ensure a person’s body gets the proteins and fats it needs to live well.

Aside from juice, The Juice Truck also serves freshly made salads and quinoa made sushi. The Juice Truck’s mantra of good health (and healthy cleansing) also extends to the yoga classes they host in-store, where certified instructors from Vancouver and the surrounding area host classes for dedicated customers and newcomers.

See photos of my adventure with The Juice Truck below and click here to learn more about this amazing Canadian company.



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