Nobody likes you when you’re 23

“Sorry, 23-year-olds, but this year is total shit,” I read. “You’re a year or two removed from college and reaching a legal drinking age, but you’re not mature enough to have actually figured out what you want to do with your life. Drinking and partying is getting old, but you’re equally bored by staying home. Basically everything is terrible. Ask a bunch of over-30 people what the worst year of their twenties was and they will inevitably tell you that when they were 23, everything fell apart and they had no idea who they were anymore or WTF they were doing with themselves. Be strong, better years are coming.”

The above quote came from an article I recently read via BuzzFeed called “Every Year of Your Twenties, Ranked From Worst To Best: Twenty-three is the worst year. If you’re 23, I’m sorry. You’ll make it.” This piece couldn’t have come out at a better time.

Just coming back from a trip and having to rush back into real life in this grey, cold, now snowy city called Toronto, life hasn’t exactly been a slice of cheesecake with chocolate sauce and strawberries.

A lot of people tell me, “You’re always so happy!” and they ask, “Are you on happy pills?” Truth is, I’m good at turning my ergh-I-don’t-want-to-be-here mood, which probably stemmed from what I think is a sucky situation, into something positive just so I can get through a day, a week or any other period of time. Anger doesn’t make time speed up or sticky situations better, but positivity and motivation can help, especially when taking life on a day-by-day basis. And, I don’t exactly want to look like Kristen Stewart (Isabella Swan) waiting for Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) to come back into my life. Lame Twilight reference got you rolling your eyes? Don’t lie, you laughed.


All week I’ve wanted to write a blog post about how to stay motivated when you ain’t feelin’ so cute, but I’ve decided to show some songs that might describe what it’s like to be a typical 23-year-old, as so eloquently written in the BuzzFeed article I’ve shared above. Because, like Blink 182 sang, “Nobody likes you when you’re 23.”

When from Monday to Friday, I’ve no idea what the sun looks like:

When you consider why you spent five years in school and whether or not you should go back:

When your friends make plans to go out drinking at the end of the week, which sounds awesome on Monday:

When Friday comes around and the last thing you want to do is go out drinking, but you go anyways and pretend you’re Lady Gaga:

When you make plans three out of the five nights during the work week and immediately regret it, not because you want to be alone, but because you can no longer handle living off of less than seven hours of sleep:

When you have McDonald’s after a girls’ night out at the bar:

When someone says, “It’s so cute how young you are:”

When your parents ask you a million questions about your weekend plans:

When you see someone you went to high school with but no longer talk to:

When it’s Friday at 3:00pm and your snacks are already done:

When you plan to stay in on a Saturday night and then check Instagram and see how much fun everyone else is having:

When everyone around you is talking about getting married and you and your closest friends are ringless:

When you’re on the eliptical and increase your incline because you had a lot of pizza on the weekend and forgot you aren’t in second year university any more:

When you aren’t sure whether or not you’re too old to post a duck face selfie, but you post it anyways: 

When someone on the subway hears you playing Selena Gomez and you ain’t got no shame:

When you remember how perfect life was in your dorm room with your former roommate compared to how confusing your life is now: 

When you kick yourself for wanting to grow up fast as a child:

When Taylor Swift songs still apply to your life and you’re not sure why:

When your family asks you what your dream job is and you stare at them with a blank face and they begin to make comments about why they even paid for your school anyways:

When you realize that your life is 10-times harder now than it was when you were 16, but you don’t cry as much as you did when you were that age:

When you reach the weekend after a long week at work: 

When all-you-can-eat sushi gets harder and harder to stomach:

When getting low in da club hurts a little more than it used to, but you try your best to get your booty down to the flo’ just to fit in:

When you start to realize that you’re probably never, ever, ever going to be a size four:

When people you haven’t seen in a while ask, “What grade are you in?”

When your eight-year-old cousin knows Drake lyrics better than you:

When 11:00pm starts to sound extremely late:

When you start something and you get too lazy to be any more productive than you’ve already been (this blog post, ahem):

What are some of your faves and least fave parts about being your age?



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