“There must be more than this provincial life”

Have you ever been in a situation where you realize exactly what makes you happy isn’t actually what you thought brought you to smile? Have you ever been awaken, not from sleep but from a boring stillness, by the epiphany that you’ve been waiting for something exciting to happen, something aspiringly historical, as opposed to going out and making that said electric charge and surge of pleasure actually occur? I was there for the past eight days and am, very much so, tired of waiting and excited (read: excited but extremely nervous) to fall forward.

At the beginning of June, I started this here blog because I went on an adventure and for the first time in a long time, I felt inspired. I felt inspired to explore things I hadn’t seen before. I felt inspired to eat “strange” foods and make up my own recipes. I felt inspired to walk for hours and hours, perhaps in circles, taking photos, talking to people and doing things I don’t normally get to do. And, I felt inspired to, maybe, break some rules.

At the beginning of June, I returned from my first trip to Vancouver, where I was visiting my partner, who is there completing his PhD. I just came back (late last night, to be exact) from another visit out west with more inspiration, more stories to tell, more photos and an even fuller belly. I can’t wait to start something new. What that “something new” will be, I’ve yet to discover. However, once I find it, I’ll let you all know.

Here is a recap of the weeklong trip I wish lasted a lifetime, in photos:

What’s your favourite thing to do while on vacation?



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