To Empower, Inspire and Unite: Herday creates safe spaces for women – both natural and virtual – to embrace femininity and self-care

Herday launched in May 2015 and since, it has continued to provide an intimate social haven and series of events, dedicated to all women to inspire them to embrace their divine femininity. In addition to masterclasses, workshops and panels, Herday provides a safe space for women on social media, encouraging conversations about intersectional feminism, self-care and news of women world-wide. While celebrating success of women here in Canada and around the world, Herday empowers, inspires and unites. Something we all need, now more than ever.

A Quarter Young connected with Founder and Curator Temi Shobowale to learn more how Herday came to be and her personal connection to the brand. Temi says if Herday were a woman, she would be, “A woman that oozes resilience, consciousness, femininity and confidence.”

Read our full interview below for more about the work Temi and Team Herday are doing to make lasting-change and impact.

  1. What inspired you to create Herday and bring good energy to the women of Toronto?

Working in the beauty/entertainment industry and witnessing the lack of genuine support between women in the city became exhausting and concerning to me. It inspired me to find a solution to the lack there of a strong sisterhood in our city. I am known to always bring my good and positive vibes on set to my clients, so i figured why not bring that good energy to other like-minded women in the city?

  1. What does Herday do to bring safe spaces into social media and events, encouraging women to love and be themselves?

In order to bring good energy and create safe spaces, the team must also possess that positive energy. Women are already dealing with so much on a day to day and we all have our insecurities, it’s our job to make the women that attend our events and workshops feel accepted and safe to be their true self.

  1. Herday also inspires women to appreciate their natural beauty, creativity and strength. What do you think is the hardest part about accepting these qualities and quirks for today’s women?

Mostly social conditioning, social media and mainstream media make it difficult for people, especially women, to feel comfortable in their own skin. It starts very young and unfortunately affects us most of our lives if we allow it. Our mission is to remind women in real life, that they are enough. All of our workshops and masterclasses are centred around this belief, hence why women feel safe and positive energy at our events.

  1. Herday hosts masterclasses, group discussions and panels as well as beauty workshops. How often are these events held and where do they take place?

Every month, we host a workshop at SoHo House, an internationally known elite private club that services a wide range of accredited creatives, while we also host events once a month across the city in collaboration with female-owned spaces/venues that focus on spirituality, meditation, healing, sharing and networking.

  1. How much work goes into planning one of these events?

A LOT! The day of is usually a piece of cake but there’s a lot of prep involved especially for the hands-on workshops hosted at SoHo House! We learn how to make everything from DIY rose water face spritz to bath bombs and all you have to do is show up to relax!

  1. Your team is made up of three people: Ashley Victoria – Social Media Manager, Jade Lewis – PR + Brand Manager and you, Temi, the Founder and Event Curator. How do the three of you manage your time and delegate, in order to successfully carry out each event and campaign?

We work pretty well together which is half the battle. We also check in on group chats to make sure everyone is up to date and on the same page. We also have monthly meetings to make sure the months ahead are planned and everyone knows what their duties are. The passion keeps us going.

Temi Shobowale, Founder and Curator of Herday. Photo by: Jodianne Beckford.
  1. How did the three of you meet?

I met Ashley Victoria at a bar in Toronto randomly through some mutual friends, both of us being Capricorns we naturally hit it off! Ashley and Jade met at another networking event in Toronto but they knew each other through social media before their run in. I met Jade through a very good friend of ours. Our friend saw the amazing things we were both doing singlehandedly and connected us (great example of women supporting one another!). Jade and I set up a quick coffee date, first of very many at Death in Venice cafe (our favourite spot in the city) and the rest was history.

  1. Sometimes, we forget that group work exists out of school! What is the hardest part about working in a (small but mighty) team?

So far, I think the biggest challenge has been trying to coordinate with everyone’s busy schedules. We all have a lot going on and our own side hustles but we’re also passionate about Herday. We make it work but it is challenging.

  1. What has been the most exciting, rewarding part about working on Herday, together?

Building new friendships, building a business and meeting new people. Helping the community, while also taking a stance on something important to us all – intersectional feminism. The feedback we get from the events is also amazing, I can’t tell you how many women leave wanting to know when they can attend the next one.

  1. Creating any initiative can be liberating, but something we rarely talk about is how exhausting all the work can be. What are the not-so-glamorous aspects of owning and operating a business and brand?

All of it, lol! But seriously, it is a lot of work. Once you’ve made a reputation and brand for yourself, the pressure is on to remain consistent while delivering quality. It’s not any of our full time jobs so we are all trying to balance life, work and this project that’s very dear to us.

  1. What motivates you to fight through the lows and commit to making Herday a continuous success?

The motivation to create a Sisterhood, where the concept of “each one teach one” is clear and understood. It is one thing to preach the practice of self-care but it is a bonus to have the ability to be of service to others.

  1. In the past, Herday has hosted panels for international awareness days like International Women’s Day. How do you source out the panelists and secure their participation?

We honestly just reach out to the women who inspire us in our network(s), women who would prefer to fly under the radar but are major boss babes make a diverse group of strong, honest and remarkable participants.

  1. What do you hope your audiences learn from participating in Herday events and initiatives?

I am no “Tony Robbins” but I created these events to be a gamechanger. Herday is not just an event – it is an experience that helps attendees tap into their divine femininity. Learn something new about yourself and gentle reminder that you are not alone.

  1. Herday is active on both Instagram and Twitter. Which of these outlets has provided you the most brand success and why do you think that’s so?

Instagram right now I would say, I think it’s because it’s visual, there are stories to watch and our feed is full of inspiring and empowering quotes and strong female role models. Our social media is in it’s infancy, though, so that could change in the future.

Thank you Temi for sharing your story and for bringing Herday to Canada. We are honoured to have the chance to share your journey.

At the end of our interview with Temi, she adds, “Gentle reminder: Be selfish. Make yourself a priority and treat yourself.” It’s self-love at its finest, and simplest.

For more information about Herday, visit


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