High Five Postcards helping 28-year-old living with brain cancer

On March 17, 2014, Aaron Graves of Columbia, NC started to experience cloudiness in his peripheral vision, followed by migraines and slight lightheadedness. Shortly thereafter, the 28-year-old musician, producer and stage designer was sadly diagnosed with a slow-growing, yet inoperable, tumor spread out over the motor functions of his brain. Aaron, who is remaining positive, is documenting his journey on his blog, Tumor-schmumor.

From left to right: Aaron Graves, Elvie Graves, Jessica Bornick.
From left to right: Aaron, his daughter Elvie and his wife Jessica. Via http://www.tumorschmumor.com/.

Aaron, his wife Jessica and their daughter Elvie, who is four, have received an overwhelming amount of positive support from their communities, on both local and international levels, including from two photographers: Angela Lewis and Katie Lee.

Collecting their photos from a road trip to North Carolina, among additional picture-perfect moments from other areas of the world like Italy, New Orleans and Los Angeles, the two have come together to create High Five Postcards, an Etsy shop that is raising money to help Aaron and his family pay for the cost of cancer treatment.

One $20.00 purchase of Postcards for Aaron will get you: A collection of six handmade postcards featuring photography by both Angela and Katie, as outlined above. Each postcard is four by six inches and features a different photo, while the back is equipped with a vintage style design leaving you enough room to write family, friends and other loved ones.

The gorgeous postcards you can own and send to your favourite people by supporting High Five Postcards and Aaron Graves' fight against cancer.
The gorgeous postcards you can own and send to your favourite people by supporting High Five Postcards and Aaron Graves’ fight against cancer.

“We wanted to put our efforts towards something that brings people together; such as good old fashion snail mail,” Angela and Katie say on their Etsy store.

Click here to buy!

Do you know someone who is supporting a great cause? Get in touch with us so we can share the message with our readers and help spread the love.


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