Photo Friday: Sisterly love

For anyone who has an older sibling, they understand the hardships and annoyances of being the youngest child: Always losing arguments, having to beg for some of the attention and trying to live up to their successes and achievements. Regardless, though, having an older sibling (in my case, an older sister, Kate, who is one year wiser), can have its perks. Older siblings experience all the hard things first (ha, suckers): High school, parties, missing curfew, university, break-ups, part-time jobs, full-time work, etc. Since they tend to take the most flack, older siblings can offer some sweet advice.

Even though we bicker, Kate and I have been close for, like, ever. Even through our arguments and frustration, we have always made time for each other. During my last year of high school, she moved away to attend studies at the University of Ottawa. During our time apart, we grew closer than ever. We called each other almost every day, would laugh over her embarrassing first year experiences (thanks for saving me from them, sis!) and cherished every visit. Now, Kate has moved back home to pursue graduate school at Ryerson University, and our sisterly love is at its absolute strongest.

It’s been a busy summer for us gals. We’ve been working, completing internships and working some more. For the first time in a month, both Kate and I put some time aside to go on an exclusive, sisters only, adventure. Here are snippets from our day together at Presqu’ile Provincial Park, a park in southeastern Northumberland County on the north shore of Lake Ontario near the town of Brighton:


DSC_1212DSC_1284 DSC_1272


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