TOT the Cat Café, a Toronto furst

Among all my friends, I’ve always been deemed the “crazy cat lady.” I’ve always owned at least one kitty, at one point I even had three cats! When I heard about the idea of a cat café coming to Toronto, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew I had to go see it for myself! Though late in the game of cats, as other major Canadian’ cities have beat the six to the punch, I am so overjoyed at a place in the downtown core that encompasses my inner Urban Dictionary definition of “cat lady:” An old woman who usually lives secluded from society with her hundreds of cats.

TOT the Cat Cafe opened about on Monday, November 16 near the corner of College St. and Spadina Ave., not a far walk from Queen’s Park Station.

The space in the café is very small, and had quite the attraction outside as well as in! Many people gathered at the windows to see the kitties in their play area (queue many “awwwwes”). When guests enter the café, most of the restaurant’s space appears to be taken up by a windowed room, the cat room (aka the room containing all we’ve ever wanted and more).

To get access to the cat room, guests have to sign up. They do that by purchasing a drink of the café’s menu of various teas, cat themed coffee drinks and a small selection of cakes. To my surprise, the wait was not too bad. After half-an-hour, I was greeted by three furry friends.

The cats are from the Toronto Humane Society and are all up for adoption, a great idea for anyone looking to bring home a new fur baby. Adopting is perfect for anyone – the closet cat person or even that individual who has always wanted a pet, but couldn’t get one for whatever reason.

Even if you aren’t able to bring a cat home right meow, TOT the Cat Café is an excellent way to get your fix of furry friends.

It’s the purrfect outing for a weekend in the city!



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