Music Monday: Terra

Couldn’t Save This EP featurterraes a relatively dark collection of pop punk tracks by the band Terra. With four tracks in total, the EP explores transgressive themes of loneliness and drug abuse.

Lead vocalist Chris Kessler’s voice is muffled and almost hidden behind the instrumentals of each track, but when his voice is heard, he sings a plaintive melody with lyrics denoting isolation and confusion.

My favourite track in the EP is “Incurable Condition,” with its catchy driving beat and its strong lyrics, the dark emotions evoked by the song is reminiscent of my early—a period of turbulence and instability. The track’s dark, yet poetic, chorus says it all: “Unbearably hopeless / needing/ needless/ beating/ struggling/ screaming/ struck with an affliction, and incurable condition.”

The chord progressions of the guitar help add flavor to the song, with its constant shifts in tune. Along with the omnipresent beating of the drums in the background, the guitar also helps to continue the strong beat of the track right through the very end.

Listen to the full EP now:


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