Music Monday: Ed Sheeran Multiply Tour

When my boyfriend told me back in February that we had tickets to see Ed Sheeran in June, summer felt so far away and it didn’t seem real. I’ve seen many bands (and a few of them multiple times), but no show prepared me for what seeing Ed Sheeran would be like.

If you can’t find it in your budget to see Ed Sheeran live, don’t fret! His Youtube channel features a full live concert for you to enjoy, but as any tour progresses, so does the setlist. The full YouTube show is not identical to the real experience, of course. Ed is a musical master and unlike anyone topping the charts right now. As the lights began to shine on the set, a small ginger man walked on the stage and started playing his guitar. There were three microphones, a loop pedal and Ed Sheeran and his guitar. That’s it. No back up dancers, no band – just the man with the ginger hair and big heart that wins over anyone who listens to him.

I’ve never felt the need to dance at a concert, but Ed changed that. By mixing in some of the most catchy pop songs with his (Take it Back got paired with Superstition and Ain’t No Sunshine, while Don’t and Nina were met with Loyal and No Diggity), it was impossible to not want to groove. We were surrounded by fans as young as 16 and those in their mid-30s.

At times I fell even more in love , because hearing Lego House and Thinking Out Loud played acoustically produces butterflies that you didn’t know existed. Thinking Out Loud played solo on an electric guitar gave the song a whole new sound and gave me goosebumps.

The concert wasn’t super long, but I feel it was the perfect length. The encore had You Need Me, I Don’t Need You mashed up once again with In Da Club and Fancy, and Sing wrapped up the concert with everyone in the audience still screaming for more. I appreciate that each song had a new sound to it, whether it was sped up or slowed down, and I was blown away by the talent Mr. Sheeran possesses.

If you have the chance, don’t think twice about getting tickets to see Ed. You’ll be amazed by his talent and left  wondering when the next album and tour is going to happen.


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