Photo Fridays – Hatfield Farm, Nova Scotia

My family has made a tradition of going horseback riding at Hatfield Farm in Hammonds Plains, NS each summer. It’s a guided ride, about an hour or so long, through trails near the farm. No prior riding experience is required, and it’s a great time!

Hatfield Farm is located about 20-minutes outside of Halifax, and has a variety of attractions including horseback riding, a petting zoo, and much more. Definitely worth the trip if you’re ever in the area.

From left to right – Paul (my dad), Tracey (my mom), Heather (my brother’s girlfriend), me, Allie (my sister) and Tyler (sister’s boyfriend).
A lone pony (I think this is a pony, although I could be entirely wrong) near the start of our ride.
The ride begins!
In hindsight (get it?) I probably should have been in the front of the group instead of in the back. Oh well!
We couldn’t have had better weather. Beautiful, clear day!
Some of Hatfield Farm’s horses have appeared in films made in Nova Scotia!
When our ride started, I yelled forward to my brother, “Hey Logan! Why didn’t the pony want to do karaoke?” “Why?..” he asked begrudgingly, anticipating the almost certainly terrible joke awaiting him. “Because he was a little horse!” I said. He wasn’t amused.
This goat was incredibly photogenic.
This lama was less photogenic.
See what I mean?
Standing watch as we walked back to our cars to leave.

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