Photo Friday: The best of the lake

The City of Toronto is known as being pretty disgusting at times. It smells like sewage when it’s too humid (and when you walk by a sewer, a steamy, thick, hot steam makes its way up your nose). Sometimes, Lake Ontario smells like dying fish (as a result of pollution). And when things aren’t so smelly, you get skeptical. Something’s not right, here.

In April, I moved close to Lake Ontario in the city’s west end. When I can, I try to get out and enjoy part of the Lakeshore Waterfront Trail, which stretches 1,400-kilometres along the shores of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and the Niagara, Detroit and St. Lawrence Rivers.

Of course, I don’t walk 1,400-kilometres when I head out to enjoy what the city has to offer, but I enjoy a huge chunk of trail, along with hundreds of other walkers, runners, rollerbladers and cyclists.

On a recent excursion down by the shore, I snapped some photos to showcase that despite smelly, the City of Toronto does have a lot of beauty to it. No, the Lakeshore Waterfront Trail is not Vancouver’s Stanley Park or Ottawa’s Rideau Canal, but it’s a huge part of the city’s culture and many people – and pets – enjoy its views of the city’s skyline and nostalgic CN Tower.


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