Music Monday: The tunes that keep me calm

The warm sun, the constant BBQs, the long walks by the water, the light evenings, the sleep-ins – summertime is great and yeah, we know, the living is easy, but sometimes, all the activities can make a person feel overwhelmed.

Drinks after work, impromptu mani-pedi dates, weekend trips away – all are fun and games until “real life” sets in and we remember all our to-do lists (and that our credit cards actually have limits and we, in fact, have budgets and CRAP we forgot about the cat).

It’s great to live in the moment and to only focus on the things we are doing at the time we’re thinking about what it is we have to do. That’s how I do my best to stay calm when I flip back through my agenda and remember what it is I’ve left to do when all the fun is done. That’s how I try not to dwell on all the little things. I tell myself I need to focus on what I’m doing and not worry about all the things I have to do.

Yes, most times, it is easier said than done.

A huge part in keeping my focus, though, is the music I play to help keep me calm and enjoying every moment – all the fun and all the not-so-fun.

Avalanche City is a folk band from New Zealand. I came across them about four years ago in the middle of a transition period and their simple melodies with soothing, positive lyrics helped me find my “zen.”

Today, I’m sharing a song by this band called “Beautiful.” It’s a short one, but will help you focus on one thing when the world around you seems to spin too fast.


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