Montreal: The culture

For those who read my previous post about the Fifa Women’s World Cup Canada 2015, you would know that I spent a week in Montreal, QC. While walking around this culturally enriched city, I realized how Montreal gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy each moment and experience the natural beauty and culture of the city.

Based on my trip, I’ve put together a list of places to visit and things to keep an eye out for the next time you’re in Montreal. See below:

  • I’ve never been to a city where each residential area is dressed with a restaurant, or a few, at every corner. This definitely unifies Montreal, since many restaurants in residential areas serve food of various cultures. There was a Portuguese restaurant next to a Vietnamese restaurant, across from a Japanese restaurant.
  • I’m someone who likes to get away from all the corporate, industrial city blocks and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of nature. Greenery is a quality most cities don’t have enough of. Within the heart of Montreal is Mount Royal, one of the biggest parks with 200-hectares of nature and hills. Whether you’re a tourist or native to Montreal, Mount Royal is a beautiful place to enjoy trails, picnics and views of the city.
  • Montreal has an obscenely great amount of patio space. Restaurants, pubs and bars will rent out parking spaces and build out patios each summer.
  • Old Montreal is the city’s most well-known tourist attraction. Lined with streets made of cobblestone, Old Montreal is the oldest part of the city (hence the name) and it’s filled with shops, art galleries, restaurants and beautiful architecture.
  • Montreal has what more cities should: Bike lanes and BIXI Bike Share Terminals. No matter where you are in the city, there are accessible lanes and terminals for cyclists.
  • Graffiti is a huge art form that many overlook. With murals on every street in Montreal, even landlords seem to encourage the use of spray paint!

I could go on and on about all the tourist sites I visited, activities I did and observations I found! I would love to challenge all our readers to go out and find the beauty in your city. Leave a comment below with your favourite memories or moments from where you live or a place you’ve recently traveled.


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