Cooking with Kaaleen: Crunchy chocolate chip peanut butter snack bites

The hardest thing about changing your eating habits for the better are the sweet cravings that always manage to ruin the healthy eating streak you have going. This crunchy chocolate chip peanut butter snack bite recipe is low in calories and will squash those sweet cravings in an instant.

I found this recipe in Better Life magazine and it’s one of the recipes in the publication that takes the least amount of time to complete.

What you’ll need:
• ½ a cup of crunchy peanut butter (I’m not a fan of crunchy, so I used smooth instead)
• ¼ cup of honey
• 1 cup of large flake rolled oats
• ½ cup of chopped salted peanuts
• ½ cup baker’s semi sweet chocolate chips

20150628-003454.jpg 20150628-003502.jpg

What to do:

Step one: Mix peanut butter and honey in a medium bowl until blended.

Step two: Stir in remaining ingredients.

Step three: Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Step four: Roll in to balls, 2 tbsp in diametre.

Try it out and leave a comment telling us what you think! We’d love to hear from you!


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