Earnest Ice Cream: The best ice cream in Vancouver

For those of you who have a sweet tooth and love ice cream, Earnest Ice Cream in Vancouver is the place to go! A friend showed me what the big hype was all about in summer 2014 and I have been addicted to their ice cream ever since.

Earnest Ice Cream was “born from friendship and a shared love of ice cream,” said Erica Bernardi, the company owner.

“Ben [business partner] and I were friends who wanted to do something different – where we could be imaginative, work with food, make an amazing product and try to make the world a better place. We both love ice cream and thought it would be a great opportunity and lot of fun,” she added.

Bernardi launched the store in 2012 and since, the store has been booming with customers. Their lineup is always out the door and down the street! They are extremely busy, but I was lucky enough to chat with Bernardi via email.

Bernardi said her favourite flavour is Rocky Road. They put a lot of time and love into their ice cream and Rocky Road is said to be the hardest type to make.

At Earnest, they make the marshmallows in the store and hand cut them. Earnest also carries vegan flavours! They are in production seven days a week and their most popular flavours are: Salted Caramel, London Fog and Whiskey Hazelnut. My favourites are London Fog and Lemon.

Earnest Ice Cream is made of premium ingredients and the people who create this product make sure everything is perfect for the customer – which is my kind of place!

Check out Earnest Ice Cream on a hot summer day or to curb that sweet tooth craving! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.


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