“How to Cake It:” The Beyoncé of cakes breaks YouTube

Yolanda wears a different themed t-shirt every week
Photo Credit: How to Cake It

Need to make a same-day “looks almost too good to eat” cake, but have no idea where to start? Toronto cake expert and artist Yolanda Gampp is opening up her studio kitchen in her latest YouTube show, How to Cake It.

New episodes of How To Cake It air every Tuesday at 11AM. The show will go beyond the basics of cake baking and decorating, teaching viewers step by step how to create seemingly impossible baked creations in a fun and informative environment.

PanCAKEs for Fat Tuesday
Photo Credit: How to Cake It

Each episode explores a new cake and Yolanda touches on extra creative creations to add to accessible recipes for those who may be starting out.

Before How to Cake It, Gampp starred on the hit Food Network show, SugarStars and one would never guess this bubbly brunette is naturally shy.

“I’ve come out of my shell a lot,” Gampp said. “I’m very methodical when I bake, I’m a list maker who follows the rules. On camera, I have to slow things down and explain tasks that are second nature to me.”

Yolanda Gampp in her studio kitchen
Photo Credit: How to Cake It

Inspired by her father, who too was a baker, Gampp attended George Brown College’s culinary arts program. She became a self-taught cake designer soon afterwards, tending to unbelievable edible creations. Fresh from maternity leave, Gampp said she is excited to participate in a project that allows her to bake anything she dreams of.

Leprechaun Hat Cake
Photo By: How to Cake It

Since Gampp started showcasing her skills on social media, her Facebook page has reached over 16,000 likes. On YouTube, How To Cake It has 2,000 channel subscribers and over 30,000 views.

“I think that it’s so fantastic having a global reach,”Gampp said.

“It also makes me realize how little exposure and access some people may have to cake decorating. For example, tons of people ask me about fondant because they can’t even buy it where they are from. These are things that I normally wouldn’t even consider.”

This cake boss said she never expected so much reception this early on.

Join in the party and tune in to the “Beyoncé of cakes’” next episode.

_Cake In A Box_
Photo Credit: How to Cake It

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