Photo Friday: A chocolate tale

A lot of stories you read this weekend and for the rest of this month will probably start something like this: “It’s February and your New Year’s Resolutions have most likely been shot. Here are ways to keep what you had hoped for yourself in check, while still having some fun!”

I won’t start like that. Though, I guess I kind of already have?

Regardless, for this week’s Photo Friday, I’m sharing this delicious, chocolate inspired post for a number of reasons: It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, chocolate is always associated with Valentine’s Day (regardless of your relationship status) and chocolate is delicious, so it’s something you can eat at any time of year (except for maybe January 3 when you’re really trying to stick to your goals).

For Christmas, I got my mom and I two tickets to a chocolate making workshop by Canadian company, Chocolate Tales.

Chocolate Tales hosts workshops throughout the GTA, York Region and Hamilton area. They also host events where participants can make chocolate in their own homes! Sweet deal!

On January 11, my mom and I drove to The Mad Bean Coffee House, an independent coffee joint, on Eglinton Ave. W., just east of Avenue Rd. in Toronto, for our chocolate making experience. In just under two-hours, we learned about the history of chocolate. we got to eat chocolate, we made and decorated truffles and we brought all the chocolate we made home, including two lava cakes we had the pleasure of decorating with white chocolate and coconut, in two gift boxes – wrapped in ribbon and all!

If you’re not convinced you should get your tickets for the next workshop yet, see for yourself:



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