Photo Friday: A Cooking Date for Besties

On Thursday, fellow contributor Kaaleen and I had a girls’ cooking date. We have been good friends since we started university five years ago. Between the recipes she blogs about and my passion for food photography, we decided to be adventurous and creative by cooking all day!

Kaaleen is a foodie and she absolutely LOVES both bacon and shrimp. This made for an easy first dish of bacon wrapped shrimp. Duh.

Our second creation included sausages seasoned to perfection with paprika, which Kaaleen is absolutely obsessed with! Lastly, we made homemade baked macaroni and cheese with a herb crust. My paprika crazed friend had never made homemade mac n’ cheese before, so this was my opportunity to show her how it’s done…

Feeling guilty, we added a last minute addition of salad (aka lettuce in a bowl) to balance out our food groups. When you get together to cook and have a girls’ day in, who is really counting calories anyway?

Shrimp, pre-bacon wrap!
Pasta, pre-cheese!
Paprika seasoned sausages.
Shrimp wrapped in bacon.
Homemade macaroni and cheese.
A simple salad.
Bon appetit!

What are some of your favourite recipes you and your friends have concocted?


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