Music Monday: Hello, I love these covers!

Hello! If you haven’t heard, I’m not sure where you’ve been, but Adele, the SENSATION, released a brand new single on October 23 called, yes, “Hello.” Two days before the single was released into the world, breaking the Internet and replaying in open-concept offices everywhere, Adele released an essay on her social media pages explaining what her new single would be about, giving us an idea that her upcoming album, 25, would tell of lessons she learned upon reaching the quarter century mark. QUEUE SQUEALS!

All this is old news, though. What we’re here to share this Music Monday is a list of our top five fave “Hello” covers.

Happy listening!

Jeremy Green:

Jeremy with just his viola. This vid got over 10,000 views in its first 24-hours of release and everyone who has commented on the cover so far agrees with me: #BRBCRYING!

Alice Olivia:

This is like a combination of all the angelic moments from Céline Dion and Adele songs ever created, mashed into one. Goodness me, Alice!

Brandon Skeie:

Adele’s classic, soulful voice meets poppy! This one is what I imagine a One Direction and Adele song would sound like. Catchy, fun and maybe, possibly about Tay-Tay? Jokes! I love this!

Mackenzie Johnson:

Not only am I super jeally of Mackenzie’s home décor and personal style, but I adore the folky twist she adds to “Hello.” Swoon!

Brooklyn Duo:

This cover doesn’t even have any words, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since I came across it. My soul is fulfilled. Thank you, Brooklyn Duo!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Have a cover you love, but we haven’t included it here? Share a link with your comment.


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