Art: A form of my expression, helping with direction

I have always been a visual person. At a young age, I was curious and had so many questions about everything. I would wear colourful clothes and mix and match my socks. I had an unusual and unique way of looking at the world and I still am quite a quirky girl. As I grew up I started to take an interest in music and started playing and taking piano lessons at a young age. My love of music grew and grew as I got older.

In my teens, my dad bought me a beautiful guitar for my birthday. I started to teach myself the chords and learn by ear. I got an amp and microphone and I started to sing and write my own music.

Music has always been a huge part of who I am. If I am feeling upset, mad or just want to play, I find that all my feelings are focused in on my music and it is a way for me to express myself. I have been writing music and songs since my teens and keep a huge notebook stacked with songs and rhymes. Recently I was able to work at Nimbus School Of Recording & Media with my cousin who is a producer, who helped me record and produce our own cover song. I was able to practice in the studio and record my vocals as well as my piano, which was an awesome environment to be involved in. It is a great feeling to be surrounded by people who share this love of music. The Chainsmokers- Roses cover by Sarah Bernstein Produced by Zada Kaliq

Throughout high school, I was unsure as to what I wanted to pursue in university. I felt that I hadn’t experienced or seen much of the world to really know what I wanted to study. I had been quite artistic in high school and loved my art classes. In my first couple of years in university, I just took general courses. Then, in my third year I decided to apply to the visual arts program at the University of British Columbia Okanagan

My love of art grew, along with my love of creating and making pieces. In my first year of art school I started to create art out of broken cassette tapes. I pushed this material and have continued to work with it in my visual art practice. Although this is my fifth year of school and I will have one more year after this until I graduate, I am happy that I have found something I love. Art has become how I express myself and I’m always learning new ways to do this.

Last April, I started looking for things to build up my resume and take on more tasks for the summer. I found A Quarter Young, which I was instantly drawn to. I upload my own photos and write about topics of interest to me. From here, I delved more into writing as I feel it is another creative path and I could possibly make a career out of it one day.

Recently, I applied to an editorial position at 604 Now, which is an online site about what to do in Vancouver. I have written articles on fashion trends, restaurants, activities to do in the city and so on. I wanted to strengthen my writing skills even further, so from here I contacted Rocky Kim and Reuben Mann who are the co-founders of Class Magazine. I asked if they had any opportunities where I could expand on my writing. I am currently a Web Contributor for their magazine and for the first time, I am getting paid for writing articles online!

I definitely will continue to push my artistic passions within my music, writing, art making and possibly pursue a career path in either of these directions. I am not sure where my future lies, but I know that the visual world is the realm for me.

Check out some of the art I have created throughout the years below!

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