Music Monday: Top three Spotify playlists

Once upon a time, everyone dreamed of having extensive music collections that their friends would envy. They would sit by the radio waiting to hit record on their cassette player when their favourite song came on, and prepare for the perfect moment to stop recording. As technology advanced, Limewire and Kazaa became go to services for file sharing with people all around the world. With dial up internet and download speeds of 15-minutes a song, any mix CD you burned was a work of time, dedication and the desire to have it as full as possible. But now, there’s no need to worry about wasting time hitting record or worrying about getting a virus on your computer. Music streaming services give us access to thousands of songs and playlists to compliment whatever our taste or mood may be.

Spotify has quickly become my music streaming choice – mainly because it is free and listeners are only interrupted every 30-minutes with a short commercial to keep it that way. You do have the option to subscribe to Spotify premium, which gives you offline access to music and also eliminates ads.  Another nice Spotify feature is playlists regularly update and if you select to follow the playlist, you’ll receive a notification when new music has been added to it.

Spotify helps keep variety in my music library. So, for this week’s Music Monday, here’s a list of my top three favourite Spotify playlists.

mellow morning

Mellow Morning – I take a while to wake up in the morning, and if the music isn’t right it just puts me in a bad mood. The Mellow Morning playlist on Spotify is perfect – Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Vance Joy and John Mayer are just a few of the artists I listen to so I can start my day right.  This playlist is now over four hours long, so it’s easy for it to head into a mellow afternoon if you’re having one of those days.


Throwback Thursday I love this playlist because every week they start from scratch and offer a completely new playlist. One week, you’ll be listening to 90s boy bands and the next week it’ll be cheesy 80s love songs.  You’ll have to head to Spotify on a Thursday to get this playlist, there’s no link to it otherwise! If you’re into playlists that constantly change, the New Music Friday Canada playlist is another great choice.

songs to sing int he car

Songs to Sing in the Car – If you know me, you know I’m a car karaoke queen. Catchy pop songs that get stuck in your head for days are my jam from time to time, and this playlist does not disappointment! Don’t let the title fool you, this is also the perfect playlist to sing in the shower, in your office to annoy your coworkers (“how many times can you play Semi-Charmed Life in a row?”), or around the house while you’re making dinner. I cannot get enough of this playlist, lately.

So, go on and discover what you love on Spotify and enjoy what seems like an endless amount of music for free!  Spotify is available for download for your Mac, PC or mobile device.


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