What no one tells you about being a photographer


Deciding to enter into the field of photography was a choice that has changed the way I see and think. Since embarking on this journey, I have grown from a hobbyist, to an amateur photographer and I am now on my way to a career as a professional! During this transformation, I have learned many things that have become part of the reason I can call myself a pro in the field I work. With each experience, I’ve learned something new – things I wish I knew before choosing photography as my career.

Here are 10 things that no one tells you about becoming a photographer.

  1. Automatic mode is the bane of your very existence.

No words to describe how much I would like to share the great possibilities of manual mode to all those stuck in the automatic rut!

  1. Cloudy days make for a happy you.

There is nothing better than when the sun hides its harsh rays behind a soft cloud for some beautiful diffusion!

  1. Printing may sound like a novel idea….

But just wait until all the test prints, presets and color corrections are done, you’ll never want to hear CMYK again.

  1. F-Stops become your new alphabet.

1.4 to 22 and all stops in between!

  1. If you didn’t know how to torrent, just wait till your trial of Photoshop runs out!

The dreaded 30-day trial goes by all too quickly, you’ll be in Photoshop withdrawal by day 35!

  1. Searching for catch lights in people while having conversations becomes second nature.

Photoshopping in catch lights is never the same as the real deal. They can make or break a beautiful portrait!

  1. People watching is the very best way to find inspiration!

Coffee shops are prime people watching territory. I always tend to notice people’s unique fashion choices, interactions, as well as body language (which gives way to great posing ideas).

  1. Instagram and you are either in a love or a hate relationship. 

You either spend your days trying to gain more followers on Instagram or are insulted by its low resolution, artsy filters and endless #hashtags.

  1. Your laptop is the proud owner of a crowded desktop; hundreds of Lightroom catalogs and a full start up disk!

Organization and external hard drives will be your only salvation!

  1. You begin to see the details in everything and appreciate every bit of it!

Let us know if you too can identity with any of these or what you have discovered by becoming a pro in the field of your choice.


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