Photo Friday: Adventures in Montréal

A week-and-a-half ago, I had the great opportunity to spend a few days in Montréal, a place I have not been to in over 12 years. My sister, needing assistance on the filming of her Major Research Project, asked me to join her. As her 25th birthday also fell during this time period, we turned it into a weekend for work and celebration!

I asked friends prior to departing about what to do, where to go and what to eat (the most important part about travelling, in my opinion). With all their advice on file in my brain, my sister and I set out for our travels. We arrived in Montréal by train on Thursday, January 15, my sister’s birthday, and spent the afternoon walking to our hotel and deciding where to celebrate her turning a quarter young. We decided to hit up a recommended bar and brewery called Nky’s Bistro. We had a fantastic meal and met a stranger who bought us drinks. On the way back to our hotel, we passed some installations from the 16th edition of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, the city’s light festival.

While my sister was working on her project the Friday after we arrived, I explored McGill University with my camera. The natural beauty and architecture on that campus made photographing absolutely thrilling! In the evening, the two of us ate dinner at the famous Schwartz’s Deli and splurged on dessert at Juliette et Chocolat.

Saturday, my sister and I explored Montréal as full on tourists. We spent the day in Old Montréal, taking photos, wandering through boutiques, eating (of course) and buying real maple syrup. Old Montréal is like a mini-Europe, filled with cobblestone, lights and the energy of buzzing tourists from out of town.

We stopped by the Notre-Dame Basilica, a revival of the famous Notre-Dame in France. This church was the most beautiful, craftful and articulate masterpiece I have ever come across.

Montréal, though stunning, is always colder than Toronto, so, to warm up our insides, we had tea in a traditional Japanese teashop. Our server showed us the proper way to cleanse the tea before drinking it. I found this a cultural experience and loved to read about the history and significance of each of their products. My sister and I ended our night at a mozzarella bar where we both had delicious homemade pizza.

When we left Sunday morning, we left feeling accomplished! I will be returning to Montréal for a week in June for the Fifa Women’s World Cup – which I am beyond excited for – and will definitely be continuing my journey through the city.

Below are just a few of the many photos I took throughout my most recent excursion. Some are from my camera, others are from my phone.

If you know of any other locations and activities I should explore when I go back to Montréal, let us know by leaving a comment below!



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