Photo Friday: Thanksgiving Family Secrets

I, like everyone else, have probably had one or two not-so-picture-perfect Thanksgivings in the past. The wild aunt who decides to make tofurkey because she wants to try something new or the entire family dinner where 22 of you try to fit around one table. No matter your tragic or fun-filled night, we all come together to celebrate and give thanks for what we have.

Whether you celebrate this coming weekend by yourself with a table for one at your favourite restaurant, or try to feed an entire village out of your small kitchen, let’s all remember what’s most important to us:

PIE! (Only half kidding).

But in all honesty, we celebrate this time of year for the harvest and blessings we received in our last year. This is our time to be thankful for one another and for what we have (and also eat good food and of course, pie).

As it’s (Canadian) Thanksgiving, I thought I would share my family’s secret recipe for apple pie and pumpkin pie. But wait: It’s a secret!

Instead, I can show you some of the photographs I have taken for this glorious weekend of giving thanks.


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