Photo Friday: Lake Huron sunsets

As a city dweller, it’s not often that I get to go out and enjoy the wonders of nature. However, when I do get the chance, mother nature never disappoints. Each summer, my family spends some time up near Lake Huron, known for its beautiful, striking and awe-inspiring sunsets. No two sunsets are ever quite the same: The colours are different, the clouds are uniquely shaped and the light always hits the water in a new way.

As the summer winds down, I’m reflecting on the times I’ve enjoyed by the lake this year. Here are a handful of photos my family and I have collected over our summers by Lake Huron. Some of the colours look so vibrant, they could almost be artificial. I can guarantee they are all the product of the sun, not PhotoShop. All I did was point and shoot at the right magical moment.


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