Cross-Canada Skies: A Photo Series

July 1 was Canada Day, a celebration of the country’s coming of age. On July 1, 1867, the British North America Act, now called the Constitution Act, was enacted, uniting three colonies into a single country within the British Empire. It was aboot time to make everything come together, eh? Now pass me a Timbit so I can stay warm in my igloo.

In previous years, I’ve spent Canada Day watching fireworks, eating hamburgers and wearing a hoodie with an old pair of jean shorts. This year, though, I was flying back from Vancouver to Toronto. I may have missed the fireworks, but I had the chance to literally see half the country from up in the air.

Because not taking pictures of the view outside my window seat (score!) would be totally off social media trends, I decided to take several (on an actual camera. Don’t worry, I was not using cellular service).  See the transition from afternoon, to evening, to night in the 16 photos below capturing the skies between Vancouver and Toronto, the Rocky Mountains (I can check “see the tops of the Rocky Mountains” off my bucket list, now) and some really great potential advertisement photographs for WestJet (just kidding):


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