Coffee is your hair’s best friend

via One Good Thing
via One Good Thing

What if I told you the coffee grounds you use to make that sweet sweet energizing nectar in the morning, can be used at night to make your hair as soft as a baby’s bottom? Would you believe me? Well you damn well should!

Coffee is commonly used as a morning energizer, getting our hearts pumping and brains out of “zombie mode.” While I don’t want to get into the details of why that is, coffee can have the same boosting effects on your hair if you begin to notice dullness. If you’re in need of that extra something something, you can apply coffee grounds to your scalp and you’ll see almost immediate improvements in the way you hair behaves, looks and feels. Below are three basic methods which utilize old coffee grounds to leave you with a halo of hair that’ll even make our beloved Bey’s Weaveoligist jealous. 


Bounce: Coffee grounds are coarse and when you gently rub them into your scalp it helps to remove build up from years of using products, leaving your roots less weighed down.

Growth: The caffeine in the grounds pull blood to your scalp when applied directly onto your head. Over time your hair molecules are energized and it stimulates growth.

Shine: Once again, by removing that excess build-up you’re allowing the hair strands to reflect light and shine bright like the little diamonds they are. 

Colour: Coffee beans are naturally strong in colour, so when you apply it to your hair it will leave a light stain which adds dimension to brunette hair and covers greys. If you’ve got light hair it might not be the best method if you don’t want to potentially cause damage to your colour.


Overnight coffee hair mask:

this image is very helpful, amirite?
This image is very helpful, amirite? 
  • 3 tbsp of coffee grounds
  • Your favourite conditioner (use enough to make a thick paste, use your discretion)
  • 1/2 a lemon
  • 2 eggs

Step one: Mix your ingredients together in no particular order, but common sense says liquids first

Step two: Apply the mixture evenly onto your scalp and through to the ends. Use a plastic cap or plastic bag to wrap your head to prevent a little trail of coffee  grounds behind you, a la Hansel and Gretel

Step three: If you’re keeping the mixture in over night; which is highly recommended, as it’ll have more time to take effect, place a towel on your pillow and then go to sleep

Step four: Wake up, wash your hair using your usual routine, but rub somewhat roughly so you get everything out. I would recommend washing with shampoo twice to get the egg out

Step five: Style as usual, look at your sexy hair in the mirror and proceed to walk everywhere like you’re in an Herbal Essences commercial

Note: NEVER use a white towel, for sleeping on or drying. Live and learn people, live and learn.

Coffee conditioner:

  • 1 tbsp of coffee grounds
  • Conditioner

Step one: Mix conditioner and coffee grounds together in a medium-sized bowl

Step two: While in the shower, shampoo and rinse as you normally would but instead of reaching for your regular conditioner grab the mixture and use it as you normally would but applying a necessary roughness to feel the grounds removing build-up

Step three: Wash the product out, style your hair, as you normally would, take a moment and really appreciate that added bounce

Coffee wash:

Step one: Brew coffee like you normally would

Step two: Make yourself a nice cup and sit down and enjoy a good book while you wait for the rest of it to cool down

Step three: Once you’re absolutely positive you won’t burn your scalp off, rinse your hair with the coffee and squeeze out excess liquid, before wrapping your hair in plastic hair cap or a plastic bag

Step four: Let this sit for 20 to 30 minutes, meanwhile you can choose an Instagram filter for your coffee-wash post

Step five: Rinse out your hair and BOOM you’re in shine city

Any of these three methods will give you the desired results, it’s just a matter of selecting which one fits your requirements for the day!



  1. Good read! Coffee for the hair. Thank you very much for the helpful tips. I will definitely try this, and hopefully I’ll get the same result as you.


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