It may have taken me 23-years to learn these things, but at least I’ve learned them

Clearly, there are habits I still haven’t grown out of. I still get chocolate cravings. I like listening to really bad pop music. I love tea. And, I sometimes still wish I was actually born in 1960.

Prime examples, as a result of how I’m currently feeling: My belly is full from a nutritious (and maybe Nutella-filled, so actually not so nutritious), oatmeal breakfast. I’m under my covers and I’m drinking an oolong tea out of my John Lennon Imagine mug. I’m also listening to Ashlee Simpson’s “Shadow,” well because, it came up on my Grooveshark home page and I haven’t heard it in a while.


After 23-years of life, though I am proud to say that not only have I earned three academic credentials, not only have I found a job I really love and not only have I started to develop a travel bug, but I’ve also learned a heck of a lot about people in this world.

Here’s a highlight on some of my 23rd year’s revelations:

It’s not okay to make plans then change them a million times to suit your convenience. If you’re going to change a plan, give advance notice and try not to do it every single time you make plans with a certain person. They’ll start to pick up on your inability to confirm and will start to feel you’ve become a selfish flake, kind of like the annoying dry skin flakes that dust the top of everyone’s scalp when the weather changes. These flakes are also known as dandruff. And, who likes dandruff? Not even Head & Shoulders, people.

I People don’t want your sympathy. When I tell some individuals about my long-distance relationship, I get this sad-puppy-eyed look and weird comments that make it seem as though someone has passed away. If I am happy in my relationship, despite the fact that the person I care about is on the other side of the country, please do me a favour and stop feeling sorry for me. I don’t feel sorry for myself, so…

You don’t need to spend every night with your significant other. Don’t you want some space? Some all-about-me time? Don’t you want some nights with your besties? You might get to share all these great moments with your SO, but then when it comes to your future together, you’ll have no memories without that person, and you probably won’t have many others in your life because you’ll have pushed all your friends away. I don’t think that’s healthy. But hey, that’s just me (and a lot of other people). Oh, and also, this might be your theme song (and no one wants to hear this song again):

If you wake up every day and hope that the day goes by fast, the day will not go by fast and you will be miserable. Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s like watching water boil?” Well you might want to apply this to your life. Try waking up every day next week and looking at the positives in every day: You might have made time to work out, you may have packed a really good lunch, you might have a really cool call to take at work, your boss might complement you, a customer might tell you your hair looks gorgeous, you might have awesome plans in the evening, etc. etc. No matter how tough life gets, one bad thing in a day doesn’t mean the entire day is bad, nor does it mean your life sucks. So start believing that your days will be awesome otherwise they really won’t be. At the end of the day, you have control over how your day ends. Mind over matter people. MIND OVER MATTER!


Stop saying you’re so tired. Monday to Friday I wake up at 6:00am and don’t get in my house again until, earliest, 7:00pm. Even if my eyes beg for me to close them and sleep, I still don’t allow myself to complain about being tired throughout the day. Sure, we all have days where we just want to sit and not do anything. Maybe we’re not feeling well or really didn’t have a decent sleep the night before. However, is someone paying you to complain? Didn’t think so.

No one is paying you to complain. One of my professors during my post-grad would always say these famous words, and they make perfect sense. If something is hard, take up the challenge and stay positive that you can do anything, even if you need to ask for help. You won’t get a cheque cut at the end of the week for how many times you said, “I hate everything.” Plus, no one likes a Debbie Downer.

Challenge yourself, not only others. We all have that one friend (and maybe that one friend is actually you) who is so competitive with other people. They may always have to have the highest mark or run the fastest or eat the healthiest, but when it comes to themselves, they don’t challenge themselves in a way that could actually really benefit them. Challenges are scary, but if facing fears wasn’t rewarding then CEOs, presidents and the most respected celebrities wouldn’t be where they are today.

Don’t be afraid of change. And, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. If you live your life as a scared, cotton-tailed bunny rabbit well, then, there is a big bad wolf that will eat you and enjoy every minute of it. Nom. Nom. Nom. Do you want people to walk all over you? Do you want people to manipulate and control your every action? Didn’t think so.

Do you have any valuable life lessons you’d like to share?



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