An Indian Wedding in Toronto

My friend’s brother got married today at the Toronto Buddhist Church. The ceremony was entirely in Pali, the liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism, and the food served before and after the matrimony was homemade Indian – samosas, curried chickpeas, butter tofu. Everything was beautiful.

I’ve never been to an Indian wedding ceremony before this morning and I was blown away by how magnificent all the saris and suits were. Vibrant coloured dresses, scarves and shoes danced down the main aisle of the church before the procession began. The parents of both the bride and groom walked down the rose petaled aisle before a drum was hit several times, signifying that the bride was about to take her first steps toward her groom, and soon to be husband, alongside her two brothers.

Her hands covered in henna and her eyes glowing with both happiness and nerves, the bride walked down the aisle and music began to play.

My mom came with me to the ceremony and she too was in awe at the tradition, history and culture unfolding in front of us. I borrowed a burgundy suit from my friend to wear for the ceremony and tomorrow, for the reception, I’ll be wearing one of her saris.

Have you ever been to an Indian wedding? What was your favourite part? If not, what wedding traditions does your family practice?



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