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Hi, I’m Leviana. I’m a 22-year-old young woman from Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Studies from the University of Guelph, Diploma in Journalism from Humber College and a Postgraduate Certificate in Event Management, also from Humber College. I love to write and communicate. I’m passionate about making a difference and fighting to make this world a comfortable place for everyone to live. A world without barriers, discrimination, standards of beauty, gender stereotypes, harassment, racism, disease…the list goes on and on.

What’s up. I kind of look like Jane from Tarzan. No? Maybe.

I’ve blogged before. Multiple times, actually. This blog marks the start of my career – if I can call it that.

If you check out my online portfolio, you’ll learn a lot about my professional background and my goals. This piece of social media, though, is dedicated to this new chapter in my life. This white blank page of opportunity, possible rage, ranting, experience, discovered recipes and well, whatever else comes my way.

Let’s start with my most recent adventure: I just came back from Vancouver, British Columbia. I was there for the first time visiting my partner who’s out there doing his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. What a brain!

We went whale watching, walked through Stanley Park along the sea wall, made chicken stirfry, went for Malaysian food at this restaurant called Banana Leaf, watched/played soccer (I watched, he played) and I did some exploring of my own.

The photo below is one of my favourites from the whole trip. I went to Granville Island one morning to check out the Public Market. Before I got there, though, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of these beautiful boats and docks.

Granville Island harbour.

When I actually got into the Public Market, I did one of those extremely touristy things that seems to be trendy these days, especially for Instagram lovers like myself. I took an annoying, but amazing, number of fruit pictures. Here’s my favourite one:

Cherries and strawberries for sale on Granville Island at the Public Market.

The day following my trip to the Public Market was our trip out to sea with Wild Whales Vancouver. After a long but beautiful boat ride down the Strait of Georgia and through the Gulf Islands of Canada, we came across these beautiful, beautiful creatures. The orca.

Orca in their natural habitat off the coasts of Vancouver Island and Washington.

I’ve been whale watching before, but on the coast of Cape Cod where I saw mainly humpback whales. I’ve always dreamed of seeing orca in their natural habitat. Being so close to the whales on such a beautiful day was the icing on the cake and probably the best part of my entire trip. I guess you could say I crossed off one thing from my bucket list.

Other great events? Like I mentioned earlier: The walk through Stanley Park along the sea wall. The way the city landscape and manmade structures lightly kissed the mountains, English Bay and evergreen tree shoreline was breathtaking.

A panorama look out on English Bay from the sea wall at Stanley Park.

And now for my second favourite part of my trip: All the food we got to eat. I’ll let my photos do the talking.

My first meal in Vancouver was a Mee Goreng dish from Banana Leaf, a Malaysian restaurant.
We went to the Richmond Night Market in Richmond, BC and got to try several different types of food. This sweet and spicy chicken was my favourite, by far!
On my last night in Vancouver, we made homemade chicken stifry. You can’t go wrong with fresh greens, teriyaki sauce and chicken breast.

Before I finish today’s post and get to tonight’s dinner, I wanted to share a photo of our day trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. The Aquarium has everything from salmon to piranhas to beluga whales to jellyfish. The jellyfish exhibit is actually quite new and from it I learned that there is a specific type of jellyfish that can be eaten. Interestingly enough, on our whale watching trip the guide made a comment about how the Pacific coast has been overfished so much that pretty soon, we’re going to be eating the jellies! I don’t know how I feel about this.

Jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out A Quarter Young. I hope you enjoyed reading! If you want to know more about my trip to Vancouver or my professional background, leave a comment with your e-mail and I’ll send you a note. Talk to you soon.



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