Pic1Hi everyone!  My name is Tristan Gerrie and I’m a graduate student at the University of Toronto.  After completing my undergraduate degree in Family and Community Social Services at the University of Guelph-Humber, I began my Master’s of Social Work at U of T in September 2013.

When I’m not stuck with my nose in a textbook or pouring over journal articles, there are few things I would rather be doing then binge-watching a TV show with a student-budget friendly drink in my hand.  However, I can be coaxed out of the house to explore different events around the city or check out a new restaurant with some friends.  I have an interest in politics, a passion for food (mainly in eating it) and a love for enjoying a good book from my ever-growing “To Read” pile.

Like many of the other contributors to A Quarter Young, my “professional life” is centred around communication, however not in the same way as many people experience it (full disclosure; this is my first step into the world of blogs).  As a social worker, much of my communication is more “therapeutic” in nature, often involving counseling or group facilitation, and if I get to do any writing during my day, it’s likely a case note, a grant proposal or a form from the perpetual stack of paperwork that follows me like a shadow.

They say that variety adds spice to life, and that’s the main reason I’m looking forward to being involved with A Quarter YoungI can’t wait to “let my hair down” and write about new things, share my experiences and be along for the ride with so many wonderful contributors.


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