profile-pic2-linkedinWhat can I say possibly say about myself without being pretentious or attempting to be witty? Well, for starters, my name is Jonsaba (JOAN-SABA) which means “servant of God” in the Mandingo language, from the Mandingo tribe that originates in the West African countries of Gambia, Mali and Guinea.

I work in the community non-profit sector as a Communications Assistant at a place called SKETCH, a community arts initiative for young people living homeless, street-involved and on the margins. My main responsibilities include coordinating and sending out the monthly SKETCH E-Newsletter, updating website content and writing blog posts. I’m also a writer, professional procrastinator, full-time snacker, avid YouTube viewer, unapologetic makeup enthusiast and recovering celebrity stargazer.

When I’m not at my day job, I’m reading and writing…constantly. If I’m not writing, I’m most likely catching up on YouTube videos (I’m subscribed to over 300 channels), learning new ways of applying my makeup or being inspired by uplifting TED Talks.

My career aspiration is to do what I love, which is to write about things that inspire others, challenge dominant ideologies and allow people to tap into their creative selves. I write everything from opinion pieces to contemporary fiction. Any established writer will tell you that to become a better writer, you must read and write….ALL THE TIME. And if I could do that AND get paid, that would be glorious!

I’m interested in ideas of gender equality, second-generation Canadian identity, community arts engagement, incorporating anti-oppression practices in everyday life and education.

I hope to inspire thoughtful, engaging discussions that encourage healthy, safer spaces.

That’s all for now, folks. Happy reading!


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