hilaryHello, friends!

My name is Hilary Spencer and I am a 20-something photographer specializing in creative mayhem and abounding happiness.

My love for working with people and my eye for a meticulously posed shadow lead me to pursue my passions in a four year Media Studies degree specializing in Image Arts, coinciding with a diploma in Creative Photography from – you guessed it! – the University of Guelph-Humber. We’re good people!

I primarily shoot weddings and engagements, and have recently transitioned into the wonderful world of tiny humans (babies for you non-Grey’s fans)! I do have a love of fashion and portrait photography, and tend to shoot my more conceptual work for creative release. Regardless of the subject, I love my time behind a camera and seeing a genuine smile on my subjects’ faces is better than ice cream on a hot summer day.

When I’m not taking photos, I’m snuggling with my two-year-old golden retriever and banker boyfriend in the eastern boonies of Oshawa, Ontario. My wheels take me wherever I may need to travel and I’m an avid writer and music aficionado in my down time. I am a Pinterest enthusiast with a wicked sense of humour and I collect more magazines than should be allowed. I’m happiest when I’m smiling and can’t say no to a good trip to Ikea; this is me in a nutshell (Help! How did I get in this nutshell? …Austin Powers anyone?) and I can’t wait for you to peruse my rants and rambles alongside these talented and passionate individuals.

Check out my website and find me on Twitter and Instagram.

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