unnamedMy name is Dara and I am a 24-year-old communications professional living in Vancouver, British Columbia. My YouTube “What to Watch” page usually includes a combination of bulldog puppies, Joan Crawford interviews and DIY hardwood floor refinishing tutorials. An avid social media user, Twitter is my jam and Instagram is my jelly. After completing my Bachelor of Communications degree at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, I joined the university’s TED organization as the social media manager, helping spread new ideas surrounding technology, education and design. Today, I work as a Blog Writer at Hootsuite!

Always looking to stand up for the little guys, I am a big supporter of independent publications and products that are making our world a bit less awful. While a socially conscious, born and bred Vancouverite, I restrict my kale ingestion to twice a week and my yoga-pants wearing to never. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @deefontein for daily observations on the quirky everyday.

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