pic-1Hi! My name is Catarina and I’m a 23-year-old full-time marketing coordinator.

Blogging, fashion, make-up and hockey are the loves in my life. Animals, avocados and tea are a few things that make me extremely happy. Recently, my life has had to put yoga, weight lifting, going to hockey games and spending time with friends on hold. After nearly two years of severe issues progressing, I was diagnosed with a rare disease called Cushing’s disease. I’m now an advocate for awareness of this disease and helping other women and men who are going through the same journey as me

Though blogging on my site SnugBeauty hasn’t been constant, it is also something I enjoy. To catch life updates and say hello, connect with me on Instagram at catarinaaxo (my personal account) or crushcushings (the account I created for people living with Cushing’s Disease) and on Twitter at catlouroxo!