For this TO photographer, the best part of the job is: “The satisfaction of being able to capture things how I see them”

picture of becca
Becca Lemire. Photo by: Becca Lemire.

Becca Lemire is a Toronto-based photographer who has a vast resumé. When she’s not freelancing for major companies and brands, Becca’s running her own photography company, sharing travel inspiration, unique lifestyle moments and a whole lotta love!

She’s also an equal-opportunity photographer, aiming to foster an environment free of any type of discrimination.

Read more about why Becca does what she does, and how you can follow suit:

  1. When did you first know you wanted to be a photographer?

I was always creative and I think I really fell in love with photography in my early teens at a summer arts camp I would go to. There was a darkroom photography program I took. I started working for myself in 2009 and have been full time for the last few years.

  1. You’ve worked with Shedoesthecity, VICE, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, The AGO, Grey Goose and many other well-known local and international brands. What do you love about working with a variety of clients?

I love shooting different things all the time!

  1. Right now, you live in Toronto’s Queen West community. What do you love about this neighbourhood?

I recently moved from Parkdale to Queen and Spadina, so I’ve been getting to know an entirely different part of Queen West recently, and I love it! Both neighbourhoods have their own charm, but the change is nice. I’m moving to the Junction in the fall and I’m looking forward to that change even more.

  1. Do you have a favourite spot to take photos in Toronto? 

Street style on Queen St. W. (anywhere) is usually effortless amazing and major thumbs up for photos.

  1. On your website, you talk about your passion for travelling. Where’s your favourite place to visit?

I love Cuba, the Caribbean and the Canadian wilderness, but I feel like it’s a big world out there and I should try to branch out. I’m going to Costa Rica for the first time in January to obtain my Yoga Teacher Training Certificate at Anamaya and while down there I’ll also be doing some photography work for them. I couldn’t be more excited! I also really want to see Machu Picchu while I’m down there, because aliens do fine work.

Becca Lemire. Photo courtesy of: Becca Lemire.
Becca Lemire. Photo courtesy of: Becca Lemire.
  1. As a photographer, you’re responsible for telling stories with an image. What’s one of the most compelling stories you’ve encountered in your journey thus far?

I love shooting other artists, performers, drag queens, and just generally interesting and beautiful people (which there are so many of in this awesome city). Some of my favourite shoots have been completely spontaneous and natural and I love the results. Hard to pick just one!

  1. You have a vast portfolio, including some street style shots. Personally, what is one accessory you cannot live without? Why?

I can’t live without necklaces, because they’re an easy way to “jazz” up an outfit. And shoes! I ❤ shoes. But who doesn’t!?

  1. What’s one of the hardest parts about working for yourself?

Spending lots of solo time editing.

  1. What’s the best part about it?

The satisfaction of being able to capture things how I see them. Being connected to what I do. That I’m lucky enough to not work for minimum wage to make a billionaire even richer.

  1. If you could change one thing about the path you’ve taken, what would it be?

I’m not sure what to say about this because I recognize mistakes I’ve made, but they’ve also led me to where I am now and I try my best to learn from everything.

  1. Who’s one of your favourite photographers/artists? Why?

Petra Collins and Renata Kaveh because they’re both goddesses.

  1. What do you hope your life has in store for you, five years from now?

I hope to be traveling all over the world regularly for work, shooting incredible destination weddings, and being able to fund creative and personal projects. Also I am exploring becoming a yoga teacher part time, because it’s what I do outside of photography that fuels my creativity and stamina that I bring into being a photographer.

  1. What keeps you motivated during the highs and lows of owning and operating your own business and brand?

Yoga, meditation and never giving up. You can’t.

  1. What’s one piece of advice you would share with up and coming photographers and artists?

Develop your own style and niche.

For more of Becca’s photos, check out her Instagram!


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