Julien Chaballe of band Pee Wee opens up about two BandCamp albums

Pee Wee

Based in Montréal, Pee Wee is a band consisting of Julien Chaballe, Mathieu Catafard (drums), and Adam Cutts (guitar). The band released two albums on their BandCamp page (linked above!), so far.

We caught up with Chaballe to learn more!

  1. What was the overall uniting theme of your first album, Galette? I noticed it had some vocal excerpts especially in your song “Charlie.” Where did these vocals come from?

I was really into making beats at that time. For me, Galette is just a collage of all the music I’ve been listen to for the past few years. Every track is an idea–a fragment of something. The sample at the beginning comes from the movie Point Break, featuring Patrick Swayze.

  1. What would you say is different in your second album, Tingles, from your first album? 

First of all, Galette is more of a “mixtape” for me than an album. I only used samples for it. I did one overdub with my guitar on one track and that’s it. I literally used music from my iTunes library and looped it with GarageBand. So, I guess I don’t really compose everything…but anyway, it’s definitely one of the dumbest and funniest thing I’ve ever done. After that, I really wanted to make a guitar album. My father gave me his old tape machine around Christmas, and then I was like “Fuck yeah, let’s record a pop album!”

  1. How did Pee Wee come together?

    Julien Chaballe

Well, I’ve been recording songs for the last three to four years now. At that time it was basically me in my room, messing with the guitar on GarageBand, and nothing as really changed actually since then. It’s also [around] this time that I came up with that stupid name “Pee Wee.” I can’t find any explanation about what it means to me or why I chose it. I guess I thought it was easy to remember.

  1. “Full Moon” felt like really laid-back song for me, could you provide some background on how you composed the song?

Yeah. It’s actually about being hangover. Really smooth…

Check in with Pee Wee some more by visiting their Facebook page. Have a band you really love and want to share their story on A Quarter Young? Let us know!


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