Tree-mendously budget-friendly last minute holiday decor

I love the holidays, but I am not crafty. I love the idea of crafts, but I am not patient. I’m the type of person who wants to desperately wrap her gifts beautifully, but can’t. I rely on gift bags. I’m that friend.

Still, somehow, after returning home from a delicious brunch one Sunday afternoon I got a magic feeling inside me: The urge to do some DIY crafts. I had felt and string from when I made my ugly holiday sweater (glue gun, pompoms, easy stuff for this not-so-crafty-gal) and had about 30-minutes to get ‘er done.

This is the first holiday season I am spending in my new condo. I continue to be excited to share the season’s festivities with loved ones in this new space, but my budget reminds me that expensive garlands and fancy lights shouldn’t be on my wish list. This being-in-the-mood-to-craft business was a good sign for my bank account.

I made some DIY hanging garlands for between my floor length curtains and to drape from a few accent tables I have in my home.

So, I got out four pieces of felt, each a different colour – red, yellow, black and green – and a simple red thread. I cut out eight holiday tree shapess, two in every colour, and then cut out mini circles and stars in various shades. I cut the appropriate length of thread that would droop how I wanted in between my curtains and from the aforementioned tables. I then cut a small hole in each felt shape at the top and began stringing them along.(Hint: Add beads at the end of each garland to ensure the felt shapes do not fall off when tying)! Once all my shapes were organized and strung, I tied my hand-made string garlands to their new homes.

It literally took 15 minutes and cost me about three dollars. Yes, three dollars. It’s a holiday craft you can do with kids, with friends and on your own. Tree-mendous for last minute additions to any home!

See, the holidays don’t have to be expensive!


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