Photo Friday: #comeTOgether

It’s do or die for the Toronto Blue Jays, again. Game six against the Kansas City Royals begins on Friday at 8:07pm EST. The Royals lead the series three to two, but you already know that, don’t you?

People all over Canada are celebrating the success (and emotional journey) of the Jays’ in the post-season. Trends suggest that the Jays may beat the Royals, but we need to get to game seven to do that!

Regardless, the Jays have done so much for this country, and the city of Toronto. They’ve brought people together. They’ve made people from coast to coast to coast fall in love with the sport – even LIBRARIES. We needed that.

For today’s Photo Friday, we’re sharing our favourite Instagram posts from people throughout Canada who have used the hashtag #comeTOgether since the Jays began their playoff journey.

No matter what happens tonight, thank you to the Toronto Blue Jays. It’s been one heck of a journey! We will be forever in awe.

Good luck tonight, Blue Jays. We love you, no matter what.


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