Music Monday: Emma-Lee


Without the CRTC laws, us Canadians would not be privy to hearing our nation’s incredible musicians. CBC Radio is one of the biggest advocates for Canadian artists, ensuring 50 per cent of their content is by Canadian artists. Yahoo!

I find it hard to find new artists to listen to. For those who know me, I can easily become obsessed with an artist or soundtrack, but sometimes rely on friends and family to suggest new music. My sister introduced me to Emma-Lee, a Toronto born native who has created such incredible, heartfelt music. One of her albums, Backseat Heroine, released in 2012 and recorded in Uxbridge, Ont., has become one of my favourite go-to albums.

Emma-Lee uses a wide variety of genre’s and instruments. She includes horns,and strings in a multitude of songs. This week, I am showcasing Emma-Lee’s song “Not Coming By,” one of my favourites on that album. Listen below! Her live rendition has her whistling in the place of the horns used on the track’s album-version.




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