Photo Friday: Back to school, back to style

With the arrival of fall, comes early mornings, cold days and late nights! With little time to spare between school, work and friends, it’s hard to make all those layers somehow coordinate, especially when you, “forgot to set your alarm.” For those like me who always complain about having nothing to wear while their closet is hard to shut, it’s time to sort through your clothes and vary your outfits!

You’d be surprised how many outfits you can make by just changing up a few elements! So, put on a little fashion show, sort through your ger, layer up and don’t forget to take a #selfie! You won’t regret it come 8am class time or your early morning meeting at the office.

Here are a few of my own creations I put together to help me fall into style!


3-234-Edit-2 3-249-Edit-4 3-259-Edit-5 3-268-Edit-Edit clothes shoot-227-1 copy


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