Photo Friday: Fredericton Gaming Expo

On the weekend of August 15th – 16th, over 700 people attended the Fredericton Gaming Expo. Guests from across Eastern Canada gathered to play and spectate in numerous tournaments, some with prize pools totalling thousands of dollars.

Competitive gaming (or Esports, as it is becoming more commonly known) is growing rapidly throughout Canada, with events similar to FGX happening in major cities like Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver. These events are growing larger every year, following a trend that has already been seen in Asia and Europe.

The line was this long for the first two to three hours on Saturday.
Inside, there were stations set up, running games for both competitors and spectators alike. If competing isn’t your thing, there are usually spots for some friendly gaming!
Many of the tournaments at FGX were live streamed online, complete with commentators.
There were a variety of singles, doubles and team events.
FGX is run entirely by volunteers. These events would never be possible without their effort and passion!
FGX was hosted in the Fredericton Exhibition Centre, which is a former rink, turned livestock and animal show venue. An already warm weekend became even warmer inside the space.
This team had just won a best of three set in a rather grand fashion. In doing so, they earned themselves a place in grand finale.
Spectators could view main events on a big screen projector in the main hall.
The first place winner for Super Smash Bros. Melee.
The first place winner for Smash 4 was quite excited.
The first place team for Dota 2 didn’t drop a single game during the entire event.
The Super Smash Brothers games had well over 100 individual entrants!

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