Music Monday: Five campfire songs we all love

With warmer weather comes the best evening activity you’ve been waiting for all winter – the campfire. Campfires are the perfect way to end a summer day at a cottage, while camping or after a great afternoon with friends. No campfire is complete without a friend’s guitar and with the help of your favourite beverage, a sing-along makes a good campfire even better!

Here are five campfire songs we all know and love for this week’s Music Monday:

1. “Wheat Kings” – The Tragically Hip

If you live in Ontario and own a cottage you probably have some of The Hip’s cassettes sitting on your shelves. The Hip have a number of songs that are perfect for the campfire (including Bobcaygeon), but when it comes to one you can sing to and wrap the night up with, “Wheat Kings” can really round things down.

2. “Wagon Wheel” Against Me! (cover)

Originally done by Old Crow Medicine, the original “Wagon Wheel” is faster paced, however, I’m biased to the Against Me! cover primarily because it slows down the song and it’s completed with the melody of an acoustic guitar. While it may seem a little somber by some, it’s sure to bring out the best singers in all of us.

3. “Hey Ya!” – Obadiah Parker (cover)

An acoustic cover to an early 2000s jam is sure to be a hit, but “Hey Ya!” has a soft spot in my heart. Let’s face it; no matter how deep you are into your Palm Bays, you’re going to be able to remember the chorus to this jam. Just being honest.

4. “If I Had a Million Dollars” – Barenaked Ladies

Arguably one of my favourite albums of all time, Gordon has so many great sing-along songs. For those who don’t know the words, they can still participate on the, “if I had a million dollars (if I had a million dollars)” line. Plus any song that encourages the purchase of Kraft Dinner, building a tree-fort and mentions llamas and emus is one that’s going to be a hit!

5. “Wonderwall”Oasis

Anyone who’s picked up a guitar has tried to learn “Wonderwall,” therefore, you’re sure to hear it at any campfire. It’s easily identifiable with the first couple of riffs and I think we’ve all heard it. I’m always in the mood to hear this song one more time, especially with the crackle of the fire in the background.

So go on and find yourself a good camping location this summer and spend one weekend out under the stars! Grab your friends, a cooler, a guitar and brace yourself to make some memories that will keep you warm during the winter months.


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