Music Monday: MisterWives

Everyone has a band or two they are just waiting to have break into the mainstream… mainly so you can mention them to your friends without being met with confused faces at every turn. Maybe you stumbled upon them while being sucked down a YouTube wormhole, or through a random combination of 8-track keywords. For me, that band is MisterWives.

MisterWives (yes, an intentional gender-flip on Sister Wives), has been around since 2012, but have recently started gaining a name for themselves as a result of serious press. They’re the artists behind the theme for MTV’s Finding Carter and released their debut album a few months ago.

My favourite song of theirs is still Reflections, about moving on from a past relationship, but with the typical sap and mush swapped for a great beat, a bit of funk and some incredible vocals.  Check out their live performance below from their #JAMINTHEVAN performance.

Full disclosure: While lead singer Mandy Lee is an incredible, unique vocalist, I at times have no idea what she is saying. I listened to Reflections a good seven to eight times before eventually caving and reading the lyrics. The good news: Once you’ve heard the lyrics, things will become clear and they’ll be stuck in your head.  The bad news: Until then, it’s kind of gobbledygook.


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