Photo Friday: “The mountains are calling and I must go”

Not long after I moved out to Calgary, Alberta in August 2014, my best friend Jen landed a job in Banff at a credit union. I was so excited, not only because she was going to be working towards her dreams, but also because she’d be closer to me!

Jen lives in Canmore, which is a town about halfway between Banff and Calgary. She wakes up in the mountains and drives through them everyday on her way to work. When she first arrived, she made the tourist stop to Lake Louise and has even had some run ins with wildlife. Fun fact: Local Canmore folk will warn you not to text and walk incase you crash into a Caribou.

Jen is beginning to get into photography and has generously agreed to share some of her mountain photos for this week’s Photo Friday. If this doesn’t make you want to travel out west, I don’t know what will!




  1. These are beautiful photos! One of my goals is to get to Banff – my best friend’s husband has family who lives nearby and she’s been several times. I’m always jealous of her photos.


    1. Hey Jennifer!
      I highly recommend checking out Banff – a small town that’s a national park?! What’s not to love. I went last weekend with my boyfriend and we were just in awe of the beauty. Thanks for the comment!


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