Music Monday’s: Pentatonix

On March 12, I had the opportunity to see one of my all time favourite singing groups: Pentatonix. Having formed in 2011 and showcased their talents in the reality A Capella competition, “The Sing Off,” Pentatonix – otherwise known as PTX – won and started their journey as artists. After climbing through the YouTube world, they became the most successful and popular A Capella group in the world. Between releasing five albums and touring, they also just landed their first Grammy! In 2015, they won for Best A Capella Arrangement for Daft Punk Medley.

I was able to see my idols up close during their On My Way Home Tour Toronto show. The music, harmonies, set list, lights, performances and interactions with the audience blew me away. A Capella music has always been a big part of my life, so to see five 20-somethings starting from ground zero, now living their dreams, was exceptional for me. From performing covers of Top 40 hits to creating their own original songs, this group has what it takes to be a huge sensation (and they already, kind of, are).

It was really hard to pick my one favourite song by Pentatonix for this Music Monday. In my opinion, their entire PTX Volume III album is incredible. In correlation to their On My Way Home Tour, though, I choose “On My Way Home,” which is an original.

We hope you enjoyed the first ever Music Monday! Out of all the concerts you’ve ever been to, which one still remains a favourite?


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